Additional Services

Examples of the services we deliver include - Compliance audits, thermal imaging for preventative maintenance, supply and installation of electrical and water metering equipment, electrical contractor works, supply and fitment of current transformers (CT’s), fuses, generator installations and maintenance as well as issuing of Certificates of Compliance (COC’s).


Additional items in the value added service offering include:

Meters and CT Verification Test

Infra-Red Scanning of Distribution Board and Panels.

Inspection of Chiller and Air-Conditioning Panels.

Generator Services and Installations

Inspection of Power Factor Corrections

Access Control

HT Maintenance

Certificate of Compliance CoC’s

Plumbing Maintenance


Emergency maintenance services include:

Burst Geyser

Continuous Power Tripping

Major Distribution Board Failure

Blocked Drains

Electrical Fence Failures


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