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the process to install your AMI system

PEC uses a variety of metering and communication platforms

  1. the relevant reticulation and building layouts will be assessed by PEC’s trained technicians to determine the best suited hardware design.
  2. a quotation will be prepared to determine the potential AMI costs and finance options.
  3. the client will be required to submit an application for the chosen services to be supplied.

    • Options include:
    • AMI for electricity, water, gas or combined
    • AMI with prepayment

  4. installation will continue according to an agreed schedule.
  5. AMI system will be commissioned.
  6. client will be activated.
  7. your profile will be created and you will be registered as a user on the system.
  8. you will receive a SMS with your username and password that you will need for login onto the PEC website/portal ( to enable you to view your profile, and utilize the vending and wallet transfer functions.


options available