Company Profile


To make every effort towards developing a sustainable business and to create and re-inforce stakeholder value.


Business Purpose / Mission

•            Delivering on SpecialistSequirements in the Broader Property Management Arena

•            Investing in New Technology

•            Investing in our People

•            Creating New Leaders

•            Applying Core Values to All Levels of Our Decision Making



•            Utility Management in Sub-Saharan Africa

•            Energy Management

•            Solar Generation Solutions Management

•            Advanced Metering & Verification

•            Smart Metering Vending Infrastructure 

•            Project Management

•            Electrical Design & Implementation

•            Electrical & Water Maintenance


Our Team 

The PEC Utility Management team all work towards a common goal – increase stakeholder value. Our people put the same amount of effort in seeing that objective attained. At PEC Utility Management we are proud to say that our employees are our greatest asset.



Sustainability is embedded throughout our organisation. Our strategy and operations drives value across the following dimensions:

  • Revenue generation – through diversification into new products, services, systems and markets.

  • Cost control – through resource efficiency, lower energy consumption and waste minimisation.

  • Building trust – through enhancing brand value, and promoting a positive culture amongst both employees and other stakeholders.

  • Risk management – through complying with regulations and avoiding safety incidents.


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