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Defining Utility Management

A technical understanding of the utility network provides the fundamentals of a proactive management service. This service is supplied to multi-tenanted buildings and supply authorities by qualified professionals with the support of a specialised software environment for data acquisition, formatting, billing and reporting of utility consumption information, plus energy and solar generation solutions management utilizing state of the art smart metering applications. PEC Utility Management also delivers real time management of utility equipment, tariffs and consumption behaviour to ensure accuracy of optimal utility applications.

PEC Utility Management offers all of this through a network of established regional offices, in a variety of both traditional and modern service packages, which include utility consumption management, metering, technical support, local supply authority auditing and customer service in support of landlords, supply authorities, property managers and tenants.



PEC Utility Management have an established portfolio infrastructure which enables us to deliver all relevant management and administrative activities required. These activities include a technical infrastructure in each region, localized management, face to face meetings, reporting to clients, reporting to consumers (billing) and advanced technology communication.

Council Support

As an energy and utility managing service provider, PEC Utility Management initiates and maintains a direct relationship with local supply authorities (councils). Our dedicated council support departments make every effort in resolving any supply authority anomalies.  

Utility Management Services

Service packages are custom designed, from the list of services available, to meet with the specific requirements of each client. Property profiles offer many variations in the market, and subsequent combinations in service delivery are demanded to fit different budgets.


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