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Alternative Energy Solutions

Alternative Energy Solutions

PEC Energy (Pty) Ltd offer turnkey solutions in the alternative energy sector to offer a knowledgeable and reliable service to business and individual consumers that aim to become part of the alternative energy future by understanding the progressive possibilities of the present.

Solar Energy Solutions and Utility Management

PEC believes in conserving our environment with renewable energy solutions. We offer quality solar solutions to businesses, residential complexes and home owners.
We consult and guide our customers through the easy steps of acquiring solar, whether it is to own a solar system from day one or fully funded where customers only pay for cheaper solar energy.


Sectional title complexes, home owners associations, retirements and lifestyle estates.

Commercial & Industrial

Retail, Business, Office Parks

Energy Integration

Integrate energy generation and consumption from various sources (Solar, Grid, Battery, Generator).

Turnkey Solar Solutions

Solar system designed, procured and installed on a turn-key basis. Benefit from all energy produced by the system. Workmanship & Performance guarantees (Subject to concluding an operations and maintenance agreement) Operations & Maintenance contracts available

Funded Solar Services Agreements

All SSA’s include:
Monitoring, Maintenance and Operation.
All risk Insurance.
Performance Guarantees.
Buy-out options from year 5.

Energy SSA (Cheaper Energy)

- Only pay for the energy you use.
- 20 Year Agreement
- Escalation - CPI +1 or Fixed

Fixed SSA (Ownership Option)

- Pay a fixed monthly fee for all the energy the system produces. (This includes an option to own the system after agreement term)
- 5-20 year agreement
- Escalation – Fixed

Our 3 Step Approach


We do a free preliminary assessment and offer. We require electricity bills and a review of available area to install the solar.


We complete a site assessment, final design and updated offer.


We enter into an install agreement and commence with installation.