Consumption Management
and Conservation

We retrieve and host consumption data to analyse your electricity & water consumption patterns, identify inefficiencies, and implement strategies to optimize usage while reducing costs.

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30 years

Expert Industry Knowledge

1800 properties

Successfully Managed

220k meters

Accurately Managed

Optimizing Utility Consumption for Efficiency and Cost Savings

PEC Utilities is dedicated to providing effective consumption management and conservation services. We specialize in retrieving and hosting consumption data to analyze your electricity and water consumption patterns. Our goal is to identify inefficiencies and implement strategies that optimize usage while reducing costs. With our expertise in managing over 1,800 properties and 220,000 meters, we are equipped to offer solutions that enhance both the efficiency and sustainability of your utility management.

Strategic Conservation Solutions for Sustainable Utility Management

Our approach to consumption management and conservation is rooted in over 30 years of industry knowledge. We provide expert services in successfully managing and accurately metering utilities, ensuring your consumption is both economical and environmentally responsible. Our strategic solutions are designed to align with your business objectives, offering a balance between operational efficiency and sustainable practices.

Comprehensive Consumption Analysis for Informed Decisions

We conduct comprehensive analyses of your utility consumption, providing insights that empower you to make informed decisions. Our detailed reports highlight areas for improvement, leading to more efficient utility usage.

Effective Implementation of Conservation Measures

Our team is skilled in implementing effective conservation measures. We work closely with you to apply strategies that reduce wastage and promote sustainable usage, without compromising on your operational needs.

Sustainable Management for Long-Term Benefits

Our consumption management and conservation services are geared towards sustainable management. We focus on long-term benefits, helping your business reduce its environmental impact while maintaining high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our Process

At PEC Utilities, our process combines thorough analysis with customized solutions, ensuring optimal outcomes for every service we offer. We focus on precision and efficiency, delivering excellence across all our utilities management services.


With First engagement we identify your utility identity & determine your specific needs & requirements



PEC design customized solutions to suite the specific needs of our clients & Customers



Detailed pricing of supply, installation & service options represent transparent budget planning



Turnkey implementation is at your disposal to ensure a professional project



Service options include support by PEC’s monitoring platforms, data portals + Client & Customer Service channels