Utility Supply

We audit & analyse your utility supply charges to identify technical & administrative errors with subsequent resolution programs with Supply Authorities & Resellers.

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30 years

Expert Industry Knowledge

1800 properties

Successfully Managed

220k meters

Accurately Managed

Streamlining Your Utility Management for Efficiency and Savings

At PEC Utilities, we specialize in comprehensive utility supply management, ensuring your utility expenses are optimized and error-free. Our team conducts detailed audits and analyses of your utility supply charges, pinpointing both technical and administrative discrepancies. We then implement tailored resolution programs in collaboration with Supply Authorities and Resellers, aimed at minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency for your operations.

Comprehensive Utility Supply Solutions

Our approach to utility supply management is grounded in over 30 years of industry expertise, managing over 1,800 properties and 220,000 meters with precision and skill. We leverage this extensive experience to offer you solutions that not only meet your current utility management needs but also anticipate future challenges, ensuring sustainable, cost-effective utility consumption for your business.

Customized Analysis for Informed Decisions

Our utility supply management services start with a customized analysis of your current utility usage, identifying areas for improvement and cost savings. We provide actionable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions about your utility consumption.

Advanced Monitoring for Real-Time Insights

We employ advanced monitoring technologies to provide real-time insights into your utility consumption. This continuous oversight ensures prompt detection of irregularities, allowing for immediate corrective actions.

Sustainable Practices for Future-Proof Operations

We are committed to sustainability, offering solutions that not only reduce your utility costs but also contribute to environmentally responsible practices. Our team helps you integrate sustainable methods into your operations, ensuring your business is future-proof in an ever-evolving market.

Our Process

At PEC Utilities, our process combines thorough analysis with customized solutions, ensuring optimal outcomes for every service we offer. We focus on precision and efficiency, delivering excellence across all our utilities management services.


PEC audit billing records and your technical status quo to identify potential anomalies.



A comprehensive report will illustrate and confirm the results of the investigation as basis for consultation



PEC will subsequently consult with you to provide a clear understanding of the requirements to resolve anomalies



Costing for further action may include engagement with supply authorities / generators and implementation of monitoring equipment to support your case



PEC will represent you upon appointment and offer products & services in support of your case and going forward should you prefer to do so