Utility Network

Technical audits on electricity & water reticulation networks are essential to determine & secure the health of the utility distribution status as the source of a safe & reliable supply & recovery environment.

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In-Depth Utility Network Audits for Optimal Performance and Cost Savings

At PEC Utilities, our Utility Network Audits are designed to comprehensively assess and enhance the performance of your utility infrastructure. We specialize in examining electricity and water networks, identifying inefficiencies and opportunities for cost savings. Our experienced team ensures that your utility systems are not only compliant with regulatory standards but also optimized for peak efficiency.

Tailored Auditing Solutions for Diverse Utility Networks

Leveraging our three decades of industry experience, we provide tailored auditing solutions that cater to the unique requirements of diverse utility networks. Our meticulous auditing process uncovers hidden inefficiencies, potential risks, and areas for improvement, ensuring your utility networks are robust, reliable, and ready for future demands.

State-of-the-Art Auditing Techniques for Accurate Analysis

Utilizing state-of-the-art auditing techniques, PEC Utilities delivers accurate and detailed analysis of your utility networks. Our approach includes the latest technology and methodologies, ensuring a thorough and precise assessment.

Proactive Risk Management and Compliance Assurance

Our audits encompass proactive risk management and compliance checks, ensuring your utility networks adhere to all regulations and standards. We identify potential vulnerabilities to prevent future issues, maintaining the integrity and safety of your utility infrastructure.

Strategic Recommendations for Sustainable Utility Usage

Following our comprehensive audits, we provide strategic recommendations tailored to your specific needs. These insights focus on sustainable utility usage, aiming to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact, while aligning with your business objectives.

Our Process

At PEC Utilities, our process combines thorough analysis with customized solutions, ensuring optimal outcomes for every service we offer. We focus on precision and efficiency, delivering excellence across all our utilities management services.


An unlimited understanding of the entire utility distribution network at a property, along with the existing measurement infrastructure, is fundamentally important to determine the basis of historical performance of electricity, water and gas supply vs consumption ratios and serve as the point of departure towards a stable & reliable utilities network



Pricing will be supplied for an onsite investigation by qualified technicians and skilled auditing personnel



The UNA include a comprehensive report with fact sheets & illustrations, single line diagrams, meter schedules and additional findings relating to the immediate utilities environment



PEC provide holistic consultations through an educational process in support of calculated decisions



Detailed pricing for potential supply & installation of hardware and service options towards maintaining a healthy utilities infrastructure will also be provided



Turnkey implementation is at your disposal to ensure a professional project